Diaper Bag Success!

Remember this post?  Where I painstakingly went through all the reasons why I didn’t want a “real” diaper bag?

Well, it turns out I don’t listen to my own advice. 

I was talking to my mom about finding the perfect non-diaper bag diaper bag to which she exasperatedly replied, “What’s wrong with you girls?  Why don’t you want something that will actually hold a bottle?!”  My sister uses an American Eagle tote bag as a diaper bag, and apparently it’s some huge pet peeve of my mom’s for some reason.

So, I considered my mom’s advice and took a longer look at those “real” diaper bags. 

I found a diaper bag, and I love it.  Which is a weird thing to say, I admit.  It’s true though.

What did I end up deciding on?

 Everyone, I would like you to meet my Skip Hop Dash.  It’s awesome.

It has 11 pockets, magnetic closures (no noisy velcro to wake up baby and irritate everyone!), a clip for my keys, eash to reach pockets for cups and Blackberries and everything else I might need…

Plus, it basically looks like a normal messenger bag, and not some frou-frou diaper bag.

The part that really sold me though?

The strap has special clips so you can hang the bag on the handlebar of your stroller.  How awesome is that?  I had no idea such a thing existed.  And the thought of having the bag right there in front of me instead of jammed into the basket under the stroller totally sold me on the bag.

Who knew that one day I would get so excited about a diaper bag?

Even though it comes in lots of great colours, I ended up going with the standard grey.  I like grey, and it matches the car seat (not that I care about that) and it’s masculine enough that Jagger shouldn’t have a problem toting it around himself.

So, there you go.  It only took about 30 minutes of discussion at Cheeky Monkey to finally decide on a bag.  They recognize me in there now, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.  Of course, I think they recognize me at my local Quizno’s as well, which is probably worse.


One thought on “Diaper Bag Success!

  1. Good choice Ashlie! The stroller clips are a huge bonus!! We have a set from an old JJ Cole diaper bag and I still use them. You can clip shopping bags to them along with the diaper bag too! 🙂


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