Wedding gifts in action!

I thought it might be fun to take you all on a little tour through our house and show off what some of our wedding gifts have been doing in the last year.  We have some amazingly generous and creative friends and ended up with some really fun stuff.  Weddings aren’t all about stuff, of course but hey, stuff sure makes it fun.

There’s small stuff like our dish towels…

Our salt and pepper grinders…
Fun stuff like concert tickets…
The STP wedding gift concert tickets are hidden among all of our other tickets on our concert ticket board…
Of course the biggest reminder is our home sweet home itself, which we wouldn’t have been able to buy without our generous gifts.
The barbeque was a purchase from our gift cards.  Unfortunately we didn’t use it much this summer since pregnancy decided I don’t like barbequed food anymore.
The DC Vault was also the result of a wedding gift card…
Not really a wedding gift, but our signing mat from the wedding hangs in the hallway and is always a nice reminder of the day…
This frame was a wedding gift and now it holds a collection of honeymoon photos…
Also thanks to our gift cards, we were able to get blinds for our room, a new comforter set and lots of new pillows (which I have definitely appreciated!)

This tray was a gift, it came with lots of booze.  The booze is long gone, and now the tray holds all those bits of paper that I should sort out but never seem to get around to.

Our front entrance has both a wooden tray and a wooden vase, both awesome gifts from the wedding.  The tray has given us the perfect spot for keys, iPods, pen and paper, lint roller, all those things we need before we head out of the house.  And the Enterprise, because…yeah, it’s there too.  The wooden vase needs to be in a more special place, but I haven’t found just the right spot yet.

Our wedding turkey!  Since we got married on Thanksgiving weekend, a friend of ours gave us this turkey.  I just brought it out the other day for Thanksgiving decorations.  It’s been hanging out with our guest book time capsule as well, which you’ll hear more about in a few days.

The picture screen finally got some pictures added to it in a fit of nesting a couple of weeks ago.  There’s still some blank spaces for when the kid gets here.

A lot of wedding and shower gifts went to filling up my china cabinet, which is lovely.

Now I just need an occasion to use it all!

There’s also lots of stuff hiding in my cupboards, from servings bowls and mugs to toasters and griddles. You’re not going to see that though, because the cupboards are way too messy.
I love seeing all of these things around our house and remembering how much fun our wedding day was and how special everyone who came to share that day is.  It’s so nice being surrounded by reminders!

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