It’s in the Details.

Our wedding was a lot of work. I can only blame myself for this. I was determined to get as much DIY goodness out of the wedding as possible.  Because of this, we ended up with a lot of personal touches that I love.  These are the things that I think really stand out from that day, and the things that I’m most proud of. 

 DIY wedding wine labels printed by my stepmom on wine bottled by my grandparents.

One of my favourite pictures from the wedding.  Our photographers were awesome, I can’t wait to work with them again.  I had this idea to do pictures of us reading wedding themed comics and this was the favourite from that series.  No one does a WTF face like Jagger does.

Our centrepieces were simple and done on the cheap.  My dad cut the wood for the bases and I borrowed about a million mason jars from a coworker.  Some sand, some candles and some cheap store-bought flowers and we were all set.  I think we ended up making like 25 centrepieces for about $80.

Chocolates and CDs for favours.  The night before the wedding was spent at my mom’s kitchen table with my mom and sister tying those little tags onto the bags of chocolates.

We knew from the start that we wanted to use CDs as favours because of our history of trading mixed CDs back and forth.  Jagger did a great job on the mix, we’ve gotten so many compliments on it.  I took on the labelling, card making and envelope making to have it all tie in nicely.

Our Link and Zelda themed cake topper that I made just for Jagger.  Originally I wanted Princess Peach and Mario, but Jagger wanted Zelda, so I went with it.  It was such a fun detail, and we loved seeing who realized what it was and who just thought it was elves on a cake.

 The programs that I decided on somewhat last minute.  I had all these leftover bits from making our invitations, so rather than see them go to waste, I whipped up these programs.

 Another last minute detail – using the Scrabble tiles for a little thank you sign by the favours.  Of course, it didn’t stay like this for long.  Every time I walked by, someone had rearranged the letters into something lewd.  You would be surprised at what people can come up with!

 The tarp.  We were so worried about the weather.  Would it rain, would it be too cold, would it be too windy?  We didn’t know what to expect.  So, on the day of my brother, dad and some guys rigged up this tarp (see it?) that rolled up to the roof of the patio for the ceremony and then rolled down to provide some shield from the wind later on for the reception.  It might not have been the prettiest solution, and I’m sure some people would have freaked out about it, but I loved my tarp!

Another one of my favourite pictures from the wedding.  Honestly, we were out on the golf course with our photographers and they stopped at this lookout (it’s on the ninth hole so you can see down the fairway before taking your shot to make sure everyone is out of the way).  She just looked at us and said, “Do you want some pictures up there?”  “Sure,” I said, knowing exactly where she was going with this.  “You know what to do!”  She got her camera ready and we both launched into the full-on tongue in-cheek cheesiness of “I’m the king of the world!”  I loved that she totally got our personalities that she knew we would be up for something like that.

These guitar picks were a hot commodity.  We ordered 100 personalized guitar picks from a guy on eBay thinking that only our musically inclined friends would pick them up.  We were terribly wrong.  These ended up being the treasure of the night.  We don’t even have one, they all got scooped up immediately.  I keep thinking we should order some more, and we considered ordering more and sending them out with the thank you cards because so many people said they didn’t even see them, let alone manage to snag one.  One never know what’s going to be a hit!

And I got the morning of getting ready process that I wanted.  It was chill and relaxed getting ready at my mom’s house and having her do my hair while my grandma flitted around in the background making sure everyone had enough to eat.

And I got pictures of me getting ready for my wedding while repping the Dharma Initiative.  Awesome.

So, there you go.  Some of my favourite things from the wedding were some of the cheapest or simplest things.  If you’re planning a wedding, I really suggest that you look at what details about your relationship make you special and you try and bring those into the wedding.  It really made a difference for us.

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