What to do with a dress?

It’s getting to be that time.  Our first anniversary is right around the corner (?!)  To celebrate, I thought I would do a few wedding retrospective type posts.  Behind the scenes stories I haven’t shared on here, thoughts about the next few years, photos I haven’t posted, things like that.  Hope you enjoy!

I haven’t talked on here much about my dress.

My dress was awesome.  I know everyone thinks that, but seriously, I loved my dress.

Finding a wedding dress was something I’d always dreaded.  We got engaged in October and I didn’t start shopping for a dress until late January.  Of course, I managed to find and fall in love with this dress right away.  It wasn’t at all what I was looking for (I was terrified of a strapless dress) but it just jumped off the rack at me.  The best part about this dress and what made me notice it right away is the colour.  Officially, it’s “champagne over light gold” coloured.  To me, it just didn’t make me look super pale. 

It seems to photograph pretty white though, which is interesting.  This picture gives you a bit of a better idea of the colour.

Sigh.  I loved it right away, but wasn’t ready to be sold on it.  It was more money than I wanted to spend, but only by about $300.  I kept looking, but nothing could quite compare to that dress.  My fear was if I went over budget by $300 on the dress, I would be setting a precedence for the rest of the wedding and soon, money would be completely out of control.

I didn’t go back for the dress until March.  That time when I tried it on, I knew I couldn’t not get it.  Only problem?  The price had gone up and it was now $500 over my price range.  I fretted some more, but the dress store was amazing and offered to give it to me for the original price.  Score.

The dress arrived in August and then the fun of alterations started.  I was really concerned with it being as tight as possible to give me as much support as possible.  In the end, we decided to add very small straps to help give me the support and comfort I needed.

I was cursing those tiny straps by the end of the night though, when the weight of the dress and of holding me in the dress put long red cuts in my shoulders.  All worth it for fashion though, right?

The best part about my dress ended up being how warm it was.  We had a partially (mostly) outdoor wedding in October…in Canada.  It ended up being a beautiful night, but it was definitely cool, I think it went down to about 10 degrees Celsius.  I, however, was super toasty and warm in my big heavy dress!

Sigh…I miss having a waist.

After the wedding, the dress did what so many other wedding dresses did – hung in a closet.  It stayed at my mom’s house until we moved to our house and had room for it.  Now it lives in my closet with my other dresses.

I can’t decide what to do with it.  Do I keep it in the vain hope that my future daughter might want it?  Or in the even more vain hope that I will one day fit in it again (which seems impossible these days)?  Do I try and sell it?  If I do, I should do it quickly before it’s out of date.  Do I do something crazy like a trash the dress shoot?  I love the idea of a trash the dress shoot, but really, do I need more pictures of myself?

And so it sits, my beautiful dress, so sad in the closet.  Any suggestions on what to do with it?


4 thoughts on “What to do with a dress?

  1. You know, I've heard about a program where you can donate your fabulous dress (and it is amazing) to a woman who can't afford one. That might be neat but it would also be really cool if your daughter wanted to wear it one day… or even cooler if your son wanted to ;D
    I tend to shed stuff continually. I got married in a pretty skirt and flattering slouch neck top (with roushing{sp?} down the front to hide my faint hint of a beginning-to-be-pregnant belly). I wore them both separately a few times after and now can't find either one! Ha! So, take my advice with a large does of salt 😀
    Yes, Joan went to the altar (it was a hippy B&B run by some Sikhs, actually) in what they used to refer to as “trouble”.



  2. Oh Joan, somehow that doesn't surprise me at all – just from what I've read on your blog about you and your hubby, it sounds like it's just right! Now my sister is talking about wearing the dress when she gets married, so that would be nice. It's funny how attached you can get to some material!


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