Who wants to plan my days?

I’ve been a day planner person since high school.  I’ve always been a list person, so it’s nice to have someplace to make lists for everyday.   All through high school and university, I lived and died by my planner.  I couldn’t go anywhere without it.  Then, once I started working full time, I made the switch to having a day planner at work and just keeping track of things there as opposed to carrying one with me.  I’ve tried to adjust to using my Blackberry to keep track of things, but it’s just not the same.

Now that I’m getting closer to being away from work for a year with the kid, I’ve realized that I’ll need a day planner for home.  I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what I need for a planner, because there’s nothing worse than having a planner that doesn’t work for you, has spaces that are too small or just all around isn’t right.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

– Big spaces for each day – I want to start journalling my food again after the baby gets here, and I want to be able to have lots of space each day to keep track of my food and water intake.  I also want to be able to jot down things that the kid does and then later transfer them into a baby’s first year calendar or something to that effect.  I also figure I’ll need space for doctor’s appointments and Early Years Centre events and stuff.
– Blank pages at the back – I definitely want a place for general note taking and list making to try and avoid post-it notes being stuck everywhere.
– Folders – I always like to have a couple of folders for bills to be paid and whatnot like that.
– Small enough to fit into a purse/diaper bag, but big enough that the spaces can be big enough for everything I want to write down.
– A coil spine so it can lay flat.
– Something pretty!

I’ve been checking out a few different things online, but it’s hard to decide on something without really seeing it in person.  I’ve found a few on etsy that will do custom work, but I’m not sure if that’s the way I want to go either.  I found an interesting one here that uses bubbles instead of a traditional layout, but I don’t know if I want to get into something like that.

I like this one

But I think the day spaces are too small for everything I want…

I love this one…

But it’s just a cover to hold a standard planner.

Or there’s something like this that’s a downloadable pdf file and then I can do some customization.  But is that too much work for what I ultimately want?

Am I overthinking this, as usual?  Should I just go to Staples and grab something, or should I wait until I find something ideal?  I swear, shopping for a day planner is just as hard as shopping for a bathing suit or new glasses.


2 thoughts on “Who wants to plan my days?

  1. Well you know what you want, that'S good, but it might be hard to find. It took me until third year to find my perfect academic planner (I was in school for 5 years so I got to use it for 3 of them)

    Maybe try 'building' one but not completely, like maybe find a basic one that works for you in terms of layout (I think one page per day, maybe divded into “morning/afternoon/evening” spaces, which you can use as “food/Baby/appt” spaces, so when you go back to make your baby calendar, all the baby stuff will be in say the “afternoon” section each day, easy to find for back reference

    Then buy some heavy duty tabs and attach them

    And maybe also a neato cover off etsy with pockets



  2. I always loved the DayRunner style ones where you bought the outer binder part, and then you could fill it will all the different pages and folders and zipper pockets that were sold separately. It's definitely more expensive, but it's probably the only reason I survived university intact.


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