Before and After

I’ve finally finished painting some of the furniture I’ve been working on.  Yes, I’ve been painting while pregnant.  In a well-ventilated area.  While wearing gloves and a mask.  And using low-VOC paints.  And only painting for short periods of time.  I fully expect Children’s Aid to show up anytime now. 

Anyway, I’m still working on a few pieces, but here’s what I’ve managed so far.

You remember my plain-o hutch at the front door?

Well a coat of paint and some new hardware has turned it into this…
I love the white against the newly-painted walls, and our art wall is coming along.  Just ignore the fact that the doors are crooked (and always have been) and that there’s a light fixture hanging off the wall.  I’m working on it.
Over in the baby’s room, I painted the old bedframe – remember that?
Now it looks much cleaner and sharper with the new grey paint.
Although my childhood doll on the bed has been officially voted as creepy.
I still need to get a comforter for the bed (which will be used as a mommy napping area/changing area once the kid gets here).
The desk was my big challenge.  It was a lot of work to get everything covered.  I’m so happy with the results though, it really gives the old desk some new life.
Here it was before…
And after…
Once again, it’s amazing what a new coat of paint and some updated hardware can do.  I’d like to get a new chair for it though, because the red one doesn’t fit in the little area so it takes up too much room.  I also still need to re-attach the face on that top drawer, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. 
Here’s a better look at the shelves – I filled them with our childhood books (and books enjoyed in adulthood but were meant for childhood) and my Dr. Seuss figurines, topping the whole thing off with some much-loved stuffed animals that have spent some years in a hope chest.
I’m so happy with the results and it was a total bargain to do.  Thanks to a friend with connections (hi Sarah-Rae!) I got a great deal on paint and primer.  $30 in paint plus $20 in hardware spent so far.  I still have 2 quarts of white paint to get through as well!  I’m hoping to finish painting my other desk tonight (remember this one?) and have a couple of end tables and a little bookcase that could use a facelift.
Have you been up to any home improvement projects lately?

6 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. Ooh, I love the updated desk! How long did it take you to sand it? I have a table and hutch I want to pain white but the idea of sanding them is daunting. Did you use a belt sander? OOOOH I can't wait – I have this awesome hutch from Jerko's grandam but it has a Horrendous Finish (think high gloss, orange wood from 1960's Quebec…yeah, you get it) and I hate it to death. There is a table to match. The hardware on the hutch was unspeakable…like dungeon door hinges but not cool at all. Anyway, I found this article about painting dining room furniture white and I really want to do the hutch with a muted grey/blue back and all white for the rest of it. The table will be light cream on top and white on the legs and the chairs will be a slightly lighter blue then the back of the hutch.

    Oh, man, it's going to be awesome…if only I didn't have to sand 😦

    P.S. Mu husband loves it the way it is and says I'd be “crazy” to mess with it. The damn things make me scowl to look at them!


  2. @Joan – men are ridiculous. They just don't like change! I just roughed the desk up by sanding it, I didn't sand it right down the wood grain. A little roughing and then a coat of primer seemed to do the trick! If all the paint starts bubbling off it in the next couple of weeks though, I'll let you know!

    I'm glad everyone likes it – more to come!


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