Painting progress…

Well, we’ve finally put some personal touches on our house!  The living room and baby’s room have been painted – thanks to my mom and grandma for hiring the painter!  The difference is amazing, I’m so happy with the results!  Of course, the rest of the house now looks blah and craptacular in comparison.  Oh well, the rest will come with time!

Here was our living room before, in all its yellow glory…

The yellow wasn’t all that bad, but I just was never crazy about it.
Here it is after, in “Coconut Leaves” by Para Paint.
Ooh, ahh.
My concern was that the colour would be too dark – I was stressing about it all day at work until I saw the finished product.  I am in love with how it turned out though.  I love the sharp contrast of the dark walls and the bright white trim and crown moulding.  I’ll put up more pictures later when things are on the walls and I’ve repainted some of the furniture white to keep with that sharp contrast.
And the baby’s room.  You may remember it before…
That lime green colour is still haunting us in our bedroom, another task to complete.
Here it is after, in “Fort Garry Grey” by Para Paint.
Not the most impressive pictures since there isn’t anything put back in there yet, but I love the soothing grey colour, and again, I’m in love with the white contrast on the ceiling and trim.  I’ll also post more pictures when the room gets assembled for baby!
So there you go – progress!  Unfortunately, the side effect of having this painted is that my kitchen now looks awful.  Like, beyond blah.  I can’t wait to paint it…you might remember it looking like this…
Well, something like that.  It’s not usually this messy.  Anyway, I’m hoping to paint it in “Cedar Green” by Benjamin Moore.  I’m completely obsessed with the colour.

You get the idea.  I couldn’t figure out the feature to insert the colour into my own picture…anyway…
More to come soon – I have about 9 or 10 pieces of furniture that I’m planning on painting next weekend (fingers crossed) if I can!

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