Week 19-20ish

So because I’ve been a terrible blogger lately (I’ve been sick and not doing too much, it doesn’t make for interesting blogging material) I thought I would just throw up a quick post about belly progress for anyone who is interested.  This isn’t an entirely new picture – it’s about a week and a half old, I’m 20 weeks now and in the picture I was just about 19 weeks, but you get the idea.  It hasn’t changed all that much in a week.

Status so far – I hate anything with a waistband and desperately need to get new clothes.  I’ve been living in dresses, which is pretty much my plan for the whole summer.  The baby has been moving around lots, and when we had our ultrasound done last week, it preferred to be balled up, face down, touching its toes.  Makes for awesome pictures, let me tell you.  Other than the brutal summer cold/allergies that had me down and out for most of last week, I’ve been feeling good.  Still not really craving anything specific, but I am noticing I’m super sensitive to the sun.  We tried to go to lunch in the park on Saturday for Sunfest and I ended up running for a bench or some shade every 10 minutes because I was constantly on the verge of fainting.  Yeah, I’m pretty fun right now.

Also – so far my least favourite thing about being pregnant is the amount of toilet paper we’re going through.  Sounds stupid, but I never really realized that more peeing = way more toilet paper consumption.  I hate buying toilet paper.  Maybe I’ll write a blog post about it one day – you lucky readers, you!


5 thoughts on “Week 19-20ish

  1. Ashley you are sooooooo cute! You'll have to do more baby bump updates with photos as time goes along!

    20 weeks! Half way there! Are you going to find out the sex of the baby, or wait for super-surprise on his/her birthday?


  2. Aw, thanks Jenn! I think I get bonus points for wearing a Lost-themed shirt in the picture, too! We're not going to find out what we're having, but we're both hoping for a boy!


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