The King of Summer Reading

I’ve been buried in “Under the Dome” for the better part of the weekend.  Only 300 pages to go!  What is it about summer weather (it’s been unseasonably warm here for about 2 weeks now) that just makes me want to lay around and read Stephen King books?

I can remember being in high school and spending an entire day sitting out on the deck reading “Carrie”, then an entire day reading “Cujo“.  There just always seems to be a connection for me with warm weather and Stephen King.  I got “Under the Dome” for Christmas, but didn’t get around to starting it until sometime in late March, when our super-early spring started.  Maybe it has something to do with all the flea markets and yard sales that pop up in the warm weather where you can find stacks of his books for next to nothing that gives me the bug, or maybe it’s just remembering those hot summer high school days of reading, but to me, nothing quite says summer like a Stephen King novel.

This summer I’m planning on tackling The Stand (long overdue, I know!) and I would love to get started on the Dark Tower series as well (also long overdue!).  That’s the great part about reading Stephen King, there’s never a shortage of material to reach for!

What about you?  Any authors that just scream summer to you?  Or any reading projects for this summer?


4 thoughts on “The King of Summer Reading

  1. I just picked up The Dark Half and a compilation of some of the Bachman books at a yard sale yesterday for 25 cents each, and a couple months ago I completed my Dark Tower series, but still have yet to read them. Before I get to them though I need to finish books 11 and 12 of the Wheel of Time series. Hmmm maybe I should go work on that now while Isaac is napping 🙂


  2. My summer reading project this year is to make a dent in all the graphic novels and comic anthologies I've been stockpiling. I also want to get back into the L. Ron Hubbard that Jags loaned me. I've always wanted to read The Stand . . . let me know if I should read it.


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