Tee Furious!

I find it hard to believe, but I haven’t yet posted about TeeFury and the love affair I have with them.

TeeFury is the brilliant website that features limited edition T-shirts. Every day, there’s a new shirt. Now if that isn’t enough to kick your collector-OCD tendencies into overdrive, this should push you over the edge – the shirts are only $9 a pop. That’s right, $9. Mind you, it’s $9 US, plus shipping ($5 for international), but still, that works out to $14 for a killer T-shirt.

The shirts are good quality and hold up pretty well so far – they don’t shrink too much and the screening doesn’t seem to fade too quickly.

Unfortunately for my bank account, they’ve made quite the habit of featuring LOST-themed shirts as we drive through the final season, which means I’ve been buying a lot of T-shirts.

Here’s my first TeeFury purchase – WWJLD.

This one was released to coincide with the Season 6 premiere of LOST. My love affair begins.

The rest of the shirts I’m showing in no particular order, because I don’t have the patience to organize them all. Sorry!

Here’s Wrong Island. I almost didn’t get this one, but I’m glad I did. It just makes me giggle, Gilligan and the Skipper with Smokey behind them. Love it.

This was my second shirt, Smokey the Bear. Again, I wasn’t sold on this one right away, because it’s not overtly LOST-themed, but I like that it’s kid of subtle. You can’t tell from this picture, but the scrap on the tip of his shovel has a Dharma symbol on it, which is a nice touch.

This shirt was a no-brainer. Flight of the Conchords is an amazing show, and I love this shirt. Unfortunately, I don’t wear it often because Jagger got one too, and I picked one up as a gift. Also, the silhouettes sit right on my boobs, which gives it a weird effect. Still an awesome shirt though!

I love this shirt, it’s probably one of my favourite ones. It’s called Mr. Morgan’s Laboratory. Do you get it? It’s Dexter Morgan from Dexter drawn as Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory! Things don’t get more awesome than that, my friends.

This one is called Desmond’s Replacement, and it’s adorable. I wish the girl shirt had come on the slate colour like the guy shirt (a common complaint on TeeFury is the colour of the shirt) but I still love it. The polar bear is so cute!

This one is great too – this was a bad week, this shirt came out the day before the Dexter shirt. Our mail carrier must think that we’re crazy because there’s constantly a black bag from TeeFury being delivered to our house! (Jagger is also a fan, but hasn’t bought nearly as many shirts as I have.) This one is called Bat and Robin, and I love the dot detail so it looks like it’s from an old comic. I wore this shirt for Free Comic Book Day (which I should blog about, but haven’t gotten around to it yet) and saw a guy wearing it too! I was torn between being embarrasses and being excited about finding another TeeFurian. I went with embarrassed and stayed away from him.

And finally, we come to today’s bit of awesomeness. This is the Ab Aeterno, and a complete no-brainer for purchase today. This design is amazing, I want to buy a print of it from the artist (which you can do here!)

What I love about TeeFury too is that the artist gets $1 from every shirt purchased, so you know you’re supporting someone out there.
Also, every few months they do a grab bag day, where you don’t know what you’re buying, but you can buy shirts for $5 and then wait for the surprise! I haven’t participated in a grab bag yet, because I always buy the ones I want, but I just might in the future.
Well, there you go – get out there and get furious – but act fast, the shirt changes at midnight!

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