Talize Finds…

I managed to score a few good finds at Talize this week and I thought I’d share them up here with all of y’all. I try to keep an eye on Talize on a pretty frequent basis just to see if anything interesting is floating around. I’m pretty excited for this summer and yard-saleing to find some good deals to fill in all those empty spaces in the house.
This week’s trip to Talize was quite interesting because I got stuck behind a woman who was actually bartering for something at the counter. Seriously. She managed to get the manager to drop the price on a vase with grass from $12 to $9 because some of the grass was bent. I was flabbergasted.
Here’s the killer lamp I found…

I am in love with the shape of it and the smoked glass. It was $9.99. I actually had to come back to it three times before I decided I would seriously regret it if I didn’t pick it up. When I was paying for it, I moved the lamp and the felt-type base of it fell off. “I demand a discount!” I said to the clerk at the counter. Then we both had a good laugh about the woman who was in front of me who got her discount. Anyone have any thoughts on what kind of lamp shade I should get for this?

I have been struggling with flipping this picture for a good week now. I’m giving up. You just have to turn your head or something. Anyway, I picked up this tray, which I think will be good for pickles and cheese and yummy things like that. It was $2.99 and for some reason I had a really hard time convincing myself that it needed to come home with me. It’s pretty cloudy in this picture because the glass trays hadn’t been cleaned yet, but I assure you it’s adorable!

I also got this little cheese tray – I’m in love with the green and orange colours on the centre bit. I’ve been checking out vintage trays like this in etsy for a while, and am so happy that I didn’t have to pay shipping for this baby – just $4.99!

I picked up this clock a couple months ago during Talize’s 50% off sale…which made this clock a whopping $2 splurge. I’m in love with this Mad Men-errific clock. The best part? It has a cord. No battery power. I love it and all its vintage glory.

I also picked up this lovely little Atomic-type ice bucket. Again, I almost passed on it, which is crazy because I think it was only $2.99 or something. I haven’t decided what to do with it yet, but I think it’s pretty darn cute!

There you go – recent junk finds from your friendly neighbourhood Talize shop. What kind of thrift stores do you like? Found anything good lately?


5 thoughts on “Talize Finds…

  1. OhMyGosh! I love Talize! I once bought from there this most gawd-awful puka shell necklace that was total cave-woman-esque. 2 bucks! It was for a halloween costume, I promise!

    I haven't been there lately. I need to go! That Lamp could have been mine! LOL:)


  2. It really surprises me how great Talize can be, especially compared to Value Village. I don't know if it's because it's just not as busy as Value Village, so it's not as picked over or if it's just that they take in better quality stuff…very strange indeed. Once, I was in there and they had these two amazingly ugly and fantastic plaid armchairs. TWO of them! I still regret not buying them…


  3. That is some amazing stuff! I don't know how it is I've never heard of Talize, it's officially on the list for my next fun shopping spree. Oh, and I think a cylinder-shaped shade for the lamp would be awesome.


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