Moving up in the world…

Finally I have taken pictures of our bedroom…it definitely needs a lot of work, and I would really like to paint it soon. It’s a super bright room, not just in paint colour, but the curtains they had up in here are pretty much just lace so they don’t exactly block the light. Hopefully I’ll be able to update it very soon. Here it was just a short time ago…

Good ol’ mattress on the floor. Obviously, the walls need some colour. First I want to get a new bedset though…those pillows were from the set I got a few years ago, and I really liked it, but the comforter has not lasted, so it’s time for a new one I guess. That blue one on there now is the comforter I had in university, which has somehow lasted longer than the one with the circles.

And here’s the bedroom now with the addition of a bedframe! La-Dee-Dah, we’re off the floor! It’s just a cheap bedframe from Jysk, but it serves its purpose. The best part of it is that it has wooden slats so we don’t need a boxspring for the bed. I’m sure we’ll upgrade the mattress soon, but it does the trick for now.

Here’s the other side of the room, just the hope chest with the TV…it took us four visits from Rogers to get this TV set up. Craziness. I would love to get a new TV for in here, something nice and flatscreeny…

Obviously, this room needs a lot of work. Everything is pretty thrown together. I would like to get new night stands because the ones we have are pretty big and have no real room for storage since they’re just open shelves. The cats like to knock everything off of them, so they’re not the greatest. True to form however, I’m refusing to spend the money on new ones because I think they’re overpriced. Yard sales, here I come!

Here’s my old dresser and mirror (the mirror should be hanging on the wall, I just haven’t gotten that far yet.) It’s been painted about a million times and I can’t decide what to do with it now – paint it again or try to strip it down and see what’s hiding underneath?

I love the shape of it and how it doesn’t have knobs or anything on the drawers, I think it’s super cute.

Hopefully I’ll find a comforter that I like soon – I don’t want anything overly feminine or overly masculine, just nice and cheery. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Finally, here’s a picture of a very angry Fender who is cuddling with a very scared Gibson. Gibson is the lump under the blanket in the picture.

Happy Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “Moving up in the world…

  1. i bought a new comforter when we moved to my new house 2 years ago (to match the color i painted my room walls)(which, BTW, you should totes just up and do. Painting is so easy and makes such a huge difference. My room had green and blue stripes. yeah) I found the best place for comforters (and i went with a gold and red one, not girly at all) was furniture stores. They sell every kind of comforter you can imagine


  2. I am really impressed with how quickly you guys are getting it all together. I love the new bed frame – and you're smart to start out low, a high one would be too much of a shock…plus, when you have babies, it's a lot safer to have a low bed for them to climb in and out of. Didn't mean to freak you out with the baby talk 😉 I need to check out Jysk – I need an Ikea alternative. Is there an actual store in Toronto or is it all online?


  3. Thanks, Falen – I'll have to look around! We still have a bunch of gift cards from the wedding, so I'm hoping I can use them for a new bedset.

    Joan, I don't know if there's a Jysk in TO…there's two in London though, so there ought to be one in Toronto! Check their website for store locations. I find their stuff is pretty hit or miss, but it's nice to have something Ikea-like that's so much closer than going to Burlington.


  4. I like the cat picture. The dresser is actually quite beautiful. Myself, I would either strip it, or paint it black:s Perhaps some new hardware to accompany the new finish?


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