Big Purses

This question is for all the girls – what kind of purse person are you? Any girl will tell you that most women are either big purse people or small purse people. It’s a personal decision and it’s hard to make the change. I myself am a big purse person.

There she is, “the suitcase”. I love having a big purse. I love having everything I need (or don’t need) right there with me. I like being able to carry my book, multiple notebooks, little bags with odds and ends for “just in case”. I like being the person who has a bandaid or kleenex or hand lotion when you need it. Heck, I’ve even pulled rolling papers out of that purse – and if you know me, you understand how completely shocking it is for me of all people to have rolling papers on them.
I love a good clutch as much as the next person, and have several great ones, but they’re for fancy occasions only. For day to day, I like having this monster.
There are definite downsides to having a big purse. First and probably the most annoying is the people bump into you all the time. Honestly, it doesn’t matter where I am, someone always runs into my purse. It’s even more irritating because people don’t seem to think they need to apologize when they run into a purse and don’t make direct contact with a person. What they fail to realize is that when you run into my purse, it practically knocks me over. Seriously, that thing is heavy, it’s not to be messed around with.
The more obvious downside is that things do get lost in the purse. If I miss your call on my cell, odds are pretty darn good that it’s just lost somewhere in the dark depths of my purse.
There’s also the downside of having to carry things for other people. This one is always funny because it’s always a small purse person (or a man – who are the worst with just their little wallets. Seriously, how they get anything done is beyond me. Men need more satchels.) who ask you to carry something for them because you have the big purse. All of a sudden you become a packhorse for other people.
What about you? Are you a big purse person? A small purse person? Are you one of those people who somehow manage to survive with just car keys, a wallet and a cell phone?

11 thoughts on “Big Purses

  1. I am a no-purse person! I know! I carry a man's tri-fold wallet and any extra stuff I need I stick in one of my 50 pockets, or, if my husband is around, I make him carry all my makeup and stuff. This has taught him a lot; now I can say “I need eyeliner and my concealer, stat!” and he no longer just gapes at me. Plus, I almost always have a “Baby Bag” with me (it's actually an old army satchel) that I can put my stuff in. I also don't have a cell phone! I just am leery of cell phones, and I figure we've made it this far without one so who needs it?


  2. I am a paradox. I carry mad amounts of stuff in my purse, but it really isn't THAT big, which is weird. I carry my camera, wallet, check book, date book, two sets of keys, cell phone, etc. etc. but still manage to stay away from the monster purse. I'm trying to figure out how that works… It must be a Mary Poppins purse!


  3. Oh Joan, you're one of THOSE people! I can't believe that you're not a purse person, you seem like someone who would have a bag full of random items at all times! Good on your husband for carrying stuff though! My husband hates having a bunch of stuff in his pockets, I'm always stuck holding his keys and sunglasses and stuff! The curse of the purse!

    @Sonshine – I loved that it's a Mary Poppins purse! Never get rid of that thing!


  4. I'm a big purse person who's trying to convert. I kept getting a sore neck and decided it was probably the bag. I ended up with a small purse with the essentials (wallet, phone, camera, notebook) inside my big purse with everything else. So I leave the biggie in the trunk when I can. I guess it kinda worked?


  5. It's so hard to convert once you get stuck on a big bag! I'm really attached to this purse, even though the lining is ripped and I should probably change. I've been using it for over a year, which is a new record for me I think. I posted a link to this on my facebook and my sister commented, I should have put this in the post – she has this exact same bag in a different colour, but she uses it as an overnight bag, while I use it as my everyday purse. I might be crazy.


  6. I'm a big purse girl. I always have to have a notebook for writing, a book for reading and whatever else I have needed in the past: kleenex, advil, sinus medicine, tampons, mints, nail clippers…etc. I'm a regular girl scout and I still don't know how I fit everything in my purse. I think there's a black hole in the bottom.


  7. i tried to comment on this earlier but blogger slapped me away.
    I used to be a large purse person and still haev a large purse (love to be able to carry a paperback) BUT this last summer i bought a small purse for ease of walking and i LOVE it.
    I may have been converted


  8. You know, I've always been a small purse person. Always. And I'm not a girlie-girl in the sense that I don't have a million purses (I have one purse and it's just fine and I've had it forever and I love it and no one will wrench it away from me…) And then I went to Chicago with my best friend, who IS a girlie-girl with 5,000 purses and she pushed me into a Coach store (where I went, “It's HOW MUCH?! Do you know how many TV DVD box sets I could buy for that?” Did I mention I'm not a girlie-girl?) and it was an epic fail on her part trying to get me to convert.

    My sister-in-law happened to also be there — she of the dozen Coach bags — and when I opened my Christmas present this past December from her… there was my new giant Coach purse. HUGE. I thought, “OMG, she's probably spent a lot on this, but I can't become a big purse person… I love my purse.” And then I started using it. And the first time I ran out of the house and grabbed a novel and it FIT IN THE PURSE I was astounded. And then I realized you could get the novel AND 2 diapers AND wipes AND candy AND whatever the hell else you could cram into this thing and carry it with you.


    And so… I've been converted to a big purse person. But now I'm finding I'm at the chiropractor with constant neck and shoulder pain all the time… 😉


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