All packed up and ready to go!

Well, today was moving day and things went pretty smoothly! The rain held off, we got pretty much everything in the house, TV and internet are running…couldn’t ask for much more! It’s been rough on the cats though – they’re still crying in the basement. I’m sure they’ll come around. After going through this move, I think we’ve both decided that we never want to do it again. I’ll post more pictures of the house once more things get put away – it’s pretty disastrous right now! Hope you have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “Moved!

  1. Cats really are high-and-mighty, aren't they?

    One of our cats is SO high-and-mighty, she doesn't give a damn what we do.

    Moving? You humans keep putting food in the bowl, I don't care where you squat when you're not doing that.

    Our other cat is more of sissy. After we last moved, he spent a couple days cowering in the litter box before venturing out.


  2. Yes, that tough little boy spent the better part of the weekend hiding in our bed, but he's better now and back to his crazy self. He's even learned how to open the closet doors, lucky us. I promise a post is coming with lots of pictures and details on the move – I just have to fight with the hubby for a turn with the Mac!


  3. Cats are fun, aren't they? Like yours, mine will get into anything that you can physically get into. Purses, bags, boxes one tenth their size—you name it! Congrats on the move! I don't know why I've never checked out this blog before—follow Londoner! What are the chances?


  4. Good to have you here, Jenn! Fellow Londoner, indeed! Even though I just moved to Strathroy…I still work in London though, so it counts! I'm glad I'm not the only one who ends up with a cat sleeping in their purse!


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