Left Behind!

Hello! Finally, I’ve returned to blog! We managed to get the boxes moved to the house on the weekend and the weather was fantastic! We are now in a very empty apartment until Friday when we move the furniture to the house! It’s getting close! I got to take lot
s of pictures of what was left in the house for us though – enjoy the randomness!
Item one – what appears to be a hot dog skewer for bonfires. This was left in the hall closet, obviously.

Item two – an “Over the Hill Dirty Old Man Cane” with a mirror on it, so you can see up skirts.

This one really makes me laugh, not only because it’s completely random, but because on one of our earliest hang-outs together, Jagger and I were at a party supply store because I was getting stuff for a friend’s bachelorette party. Jagger found one of these canes and muttered, “Why couldn’t you be wearing a skirt!” Ah yes, he’s so romantic.

Item three – leftover paint, lightbulbs and drywall supplies.
This is a helpful leave-behind, but I wish they hadn’t left it in the living room.
Item four – cardboard backing from IKEA prints.

Just what every young couple needs to start their first home.

Item five – a child’s art easel.

This one was really random, until I moved it and realized that there’s gaps in the laminate flooring hidden underneath of this. Now I think they were purposely trying to hide the fact.

Item six – What appears to be a child’s carriage toy.
See, now this one kind of pisses me off. You really couldn’t have taken this with you, or thrown it out or taken it to Goodwill or something? Weird. At least it’s blog-fodder. Blodder? Also, this was in the linen closet. Weird.
Item seven – Linens, gloves and one Mason jar.
Again, really?! You couldn’t have possibly managed to bring these items with you? Once again, these were in the linen closet.
Item eight – Blue bowl.
This wouldn’t be so bad, if it hadn’t been left in the fridge with rotting food in it. I can’t decide if what was in the bowl was homemade dog food, or if it was the remnants of scraps being taken out to the compost. Either way, it was gross and completely uncalled for.
Item nine – A mug, University of Chicago 1965.
This one is kind of cool, and pretty much the height of randomness. Once again, you couldn’t manage to pack up this one little stein? You had to leave it? And why was it in the cupboard right under the sink? Were you using this for some reason other than drinking? Curious.
Item ten – A crappy crockpot. Possibly a crocky crap-pot.
Broken dial…I’m hoping if it gets cleaned up it will work, but who knows.
Item eleven – unidentified jugs
Could be cooking oil, could be human blood. Who knows at this point. They’re unlabeled but heavy, so something is in them.
Item twelve – Plunger!
There was a plunger left in our apartment when we moved in, too. I now have a theory that no one ever wants to move a plunger, so they always leave it behind. Therefore, no one has to buy a new plunger.
Item thirteen – A scanner.
Seriously, they left a scanner. It was all carefully packaged up in a box, but then left in the laundry room near the furnace. Who knows what the story is here. It doesn’t seem to have any cords with it anymore, but I’m hoping that it will work.
Item fourteen – One of those cones that you put on a dog’s head so they don’t chew on their stitches.
Once again, this was just one of those “Really?” moments. Seriously, you couldn’t have just thrown this out?
Item fifteen – A CD holder and what appears to be an IKEA side table-type thing.
I’m kind of excited about the table thing. It’s nothing fancy, but should make for a nice nightstand in the guest room until we get something better. It’s weird that they left it in the garage though.
Item sixteen – the stereo in the garage.
This one wasn’t a huge surprise, but it got bonus points for the Canada flags and the fact that there’s still a Cheech and Chong cassette tape in it. There’s an under-counter radio in the kitchen too, but I didn’t take a picture of it.
Item seventeen – Two giant bags of garbage and a bag of play sand.
This one made me kind of mad. Not because they left behind garbage bags, I can handle that. At least they put garbage bag tags on them so we don’t have to pay for them (and left us an extra tag in the kitchen). What made me mad was the fact that the garbage bags were left outside in the laneway. Not at the end of the laneway to be picked up, because we closed on a Monday and garbage pickup isn’t until Tuesday. They left it in the laneway near the garage, but not in it. So they just made me have to drag these massive bags into the garage until we’re there for a garbage day. Why they couldn’t have just left them in the garage is beyond me.
Last but not least, this is something they didn’t really leave behind. This is our fridge.
Notice anything missing? Yeah, it’s just a big fridge. No freezer. Who does that? Honestly. They had a chest freezer in the basement, and we were hoping they would leave it behind because it was in an awkward spot, but no. No freezer for us. So now we have to find one before we move in. We have the biggest fridge in the world. I don’t know how we’ll ever keep it full. Lots of beer, I guess!
So, there you have it. What was in our house before us. It’s funny because there was a bunch of random items left in our apartment when we moved in as well – including a hand-written sign on the bedroom door that reads, “It’s not 2006 anymore, get out there and give ‘er.” We’ve left it up the entire them we’ve been here, and I intend to leave it up when we leave.
What about you? Ever found any surprise goodies when you’ve moved to a new place?

9 thoughts on “Left Behind!

  1. that is some random crap. When we bought our house they only left behind paint (which was useful for touchups) a small plaque which i'm pretty sure they just overlooked, and all the drapes, which was straight up awesome


  2. Wow! They left you some goodies!!
    In our first house we inherited some lawn chairs (we kept them and moved them to this house!), a collection of empty paint cans, and a couple of antique computer monitors. No plunger though… too bad, it would have been useful!


  3. wow it must be killing you to be in your old apt with the furniture when all you STUFF is in your exciting new house! How do you live!?

    We moved in to a new place and didn't get a plunger…and sure enough we needed one within two weeks. bummer.


  4. Wow, that's a lot of stuff. All that was left behind when we moved in was an old poster from when the Super Bowl was held at the Metrodome, a set of patio furniture (awesome), a snow shovel and push broom (useful) and a plastic sled (random).


  5. I'm glad people agree that this was a random pile o' items. If it had been something useful like patio furniture, garbage cans, brooms, anything like that, I wouldn't have bothered to mention it. It was just the pure randomness of all this stuff! We got all the window coverings too, but we negotiated for those, so it wasn't a surprise.


  6. That stereo is on of the most Canadian things I have ever seen. Cheech and Chong – LOL

    The jugs are worrisome – why? Why save the contents and then leave it all behind?

    Oooh, those sneaks – hiding the flooring like that! Ew, rotting dog food in the bowl!

    All in all – it is pretty neat to look at other people's stuff. I mean, you know, um, not in a super weird way. Just a little weird.


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