Well, it’s almost that time of year. Valentine’s Day is on Sunday. What do you think of Valentine’s? Myself, I don’t really observe Valentine’s Day. Sure, there was a time when I was younger and did – who doesn’t like to get presents and food? Now, not so much. It’s not like I staunchly reject the holiday. I don’t go around preaching about how it’s a Hallmark holiday, invented only to get us to spend money. If you like Valentine’s Day, then more power to you! We just don’t really celebrate it.

See, the winter is rough. I go from Christmas to my brother’s birthday and hubby’s birthday in January, then my mom and both of my sisters have birthdays in February. Doesn’t leave a lot of room in the old pocketbook for Valentine’s Day.

This year Valentine’s day falls on the Sunday of a long weekend (yay for Family Day!) so we’ll probably just be taking it easy. Maybe catch a movie, who knows. I’ll probably spend a great deal of the day in jogging pants, as per my usual weekend routine.

Instead of trying to be romantic for one day, I’m lucky enough to have a hubby who does lots of little (albeit strange) romantic things for me all year round. For example, other people might not find it romantic to have someone attempt (but never quite succeed) at cleaning up the dishes after dinner, or having someone take out the garbage for them, or someone who will always treat them to lunch, but I think that stuff is pretty darn romantic. He keeps me well-fed and with an ever-growing supply of Blu-Rays, so what’s not to love?

If you do celebrate Valentine’s, I hope you get treated right. And if you don’t, I hope you still have a perfectly lovely weekend (especially if it’s a long one, like me!)

4 thoughts on “V-Day

  1. …find it romantic to have someone attempt (but never quite succeed) at cleaning up the dishes after dinner

    Ah, God love you Newlyweds. This very thing will cause you to beat him with a crusty spatula in 5 years time 😉 Good for you for recognizing true romance: taking out the garbage, killing spiders, paying bills on time, letting you have the bigger piece of cake. Now that's love 🙂


  2. We dont really “celebrate” VDay either. Mind you Kyle does always come home with roses/flowers. I guess he just doesn't want me to be the only girl not getting any that day 🙂
    (There was a time when he would come home/over with flowers “just-because”. Those days are over so I do appreciate the Vday flower!)
    But gifts etc, nah, i too see it as a hallmark holiday but normally keep that opinion to myself.


  3. Lisa – Jagger decided that I “don't like flowers”. Completely randomly one day, I mention how he's never bought me flowers and he replied, “You don't even like flowers!” I didn't know that about myself until he told me, good thing I've got him around.

    Joan – My mom completely agrees with you! Hopefully when we're in the new house with a dishwasher his skills will improve??? Yes??? No???


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