Season 6

Today is the first episode of the final season of LOST. I don’t think I’ll get into any sort of speculation or analysis of LOST on this blog, that’s better left to others who do it so much better. (Check out Nikki or Jo or any number of the other blogs out there)

I don’t think I can begin to explain just how excited I am for tonight’s episode. Obviously, I’m having a terrible time focusing on work right now. Last night to prepare I watched “Pilot” and “The Incident” so I’m feeling pretty ready to get the ball rolling for tonight’s episode. I have my snack all ready to go (Crunchy Cheezies…I only eat them for LOST premieres and finales. I’m pretty sure they’re basically orange coloured toxic waste, so I try to limit myself on eating them, but they’re my favourite) and will no doubt be sitting there in my Dharma sweatshirt yelling at the TV. Poor Jagger has to run off and hide so he doesn’t have to put up with me tonight.

I don’t know what it is specifically about LOST that makes me love it so much more than any other show. It’s something about the combination of community, mystery, amazing storytelling and characters that has sucked me in from my first viewing.

To anyone else watching it tonight – I look forward to analyzing with you all for this final season! For anyone who doesn’t watch LOST, don’t mention it around me unless you want to get pulled in to a full-on discussion, complete with charts and graphics.


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