The Apartment

Just for comparison’s sake, I thought I would post some pictures of the apartment so people would have an idea of just how much of an upgrade this house is. We’ve lived here for nearly three years and I’ll be sad to see us leave. I’m aware of how tiny it is, but it’s served its purpose and so just so darn cute.

Here’s our living room/dining room/office area…

That’s Fender peeking out from the couch. This is going to be the biggest adjustment, having our living situation go from completely centering around our coffee table to having a separate space to eat, relax and work. Not shown in this picture is the large pile of boxes beside the TV.

Here’s our kitchen. Oh, this kitchen. It’s adorable, I love it in that aspect. But, what you see in this picture is the extent of my counter space.

That’s it. The racks for the wine glasses really helped to clear up my cupboard space, but it completely robbed me of precious counter space. It’s going to be so weird being able to have other people in the kitchen with me when I cook.

And that’s our bedroom. Nothing too fancy here, I already talked about the floor bed situation (which I still love). Again, there’s a lot of stuff in the bedroom that you can’t see that doesn’t need to be in here. It’ll be so great to have room for everything and not have to keep drawers full of knitting projects in the same dresser as my clothes.

There you have it, our apartment. One month from today we take possession of the house, so our days here are definitely numbered. Hey, if you’re looking for a cheap and super cute apartment in Wortley Village, this one will be available April 1st!

2 thoughts on “The Apartment

  1. I love your drapes in your bedroom! The apartment is so cute – it is kinda nice to be so centralized. And then 3 years pass and you're over it – God bless counter space “Hey, look! I don't have to put away the toaster anymore when it's time to do dishes!” 🙂 Good on you for taking pics – I don't have any pics of our first apartment. Though honestly, I could've almost fit the whole thing into one frame.


  2. Yeah, it's going to be a major adjustment in the new place. Funny thing about the bedroom drapes – they're upside down. I hung them that way accidentally almost 3 years ago and haven't been bothered to fix them yet! Yeah, I'm glad that I have pictures of the place, as tiny as it is, I definitely want to remember it.


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