Licence to tile…

As February approaches I’m getting more and more excited about our move. Next Monday is February the 1st, which will mark our final rent payment! I couldn’t be happier. We have our apartment until the end of March and close on the house on March 1st, so we’ll have lots of time (in an ideal world) to move and make some changes to the house. I’m sure that we won’t have the resources to make all the changes that I want to make right away, but priority one for me is repainting the cabinets in the kitchen…

That’s our new kitchen. Nothing too fancy, but it’s clean and simple. I like the white cabinets (although I dream of the day when I can rip them out and tear out that bulkhead too and have lovely, tall cabinets!) but they need a fresh coat of paint to brighten them up. I really, really want to be able to do this before we move in, as opposed to moving in and then having to take everything out of the cabinets to be able to paint them.

I’m also pretty keen on tiling a super cool backsplash in the kitchen. All those DIY shows have definitely gotten to me! My mom and I took a workshop at the Home Depot last night about tiling, so now we’re ready to go! I would love to do something in a cool mosaic, or with subway tiles. I was thinking about just standard horizontal subway tiles to give it a clean, simple look, but look how pretty they are when you do them up vertically…
(Source for both photos)
Isn’t that a cool, modern touch to simple tiles? I’m really grooving on that yellow and grey kitchen…but I kind of had my little heart set on having grey in the living room with a purple accent wall and yellow pops in the accessories. Now I’m completely reconsidering things! What do you think? The floor is grey though, so I’m concerned that it might be too much grey…I was thinking of painting the kitchen like a vibrant spearmint green sort of colour.

Here’s the living room.

Again, nothing fancy, but it’s clean and simple. I love the crown moulding (I’m pretty sure that has a “u”…) and of course it’s yellow and I want to paint over it, while pondering bringing yellow into another room. Sigh. The living room gets lots of natural light, but there’s no real light fixture in there, so I might want to stay away from darker colours…tough choices.
Beyond that, I want to paint the master bedroom soon…here it is now…

Yeah, it’s like a lime green. I have no idea what colour to paint the master bedroom though…something warm and cozy I guess…

The other bedrooms can wait to be painted, the smaller bedroom that we’re thinking of using as an office is just a beige and that’s fine for now, and the other bedroom is lime like the master bedroom. Hopefully it will be a nursery before too long, and then it will be Mario Bros. sky blue for the anticipated retro gaming themed nursery.
The bathroom has been recently renovated, but could use some paint. Right now it’s what I call a “non-colour”.

Yeah…it’s like lavender-ish? I guess? I don’t know, I’m a fan of colour in the bathroom. I’ll probably just find accessories that I really like and then paint the bathroom to match. Bathrooms are easy to change, so I’m not too concerned about it.

We also have the whole basement which needs to be finished off. It’s been drywalled and primed, we just need to paint and add flooring. I can’t decide what kind of flooring we should put down there…my gut says carpet, but I think it would be a hassle. I love cork flooring too, so maybe we’ll consider that. This is a project for down the road though, not immediately.

There is a tonne of room in the basement, and I would love to make room for a bar and have a big rec room. Something cozy.

We also have room for Jagger’s man cave in the basement…

It needs to be finished off – I’ll be taking drywall classes soon enough! It’s nice that our house is finished enough that it’s move-in ready, but unfinished enough to give us room to personalize it.

What are your thoughts? Any colour schemes we should consider?

8 thoughts on “Licence to tile…

  1. All great ideas – it's such work but so joyful and satisfying when done! Congratulations on the house.

    Yeah, that kitchen needs colour. I would suggest carrying the tile you use for the backsplash around that doorway in pic – it'd be different, and highlight the lines, plus it doesn't look as though you'd need a ton of extra tiles to do it.

    The living room is a good size, and as you say, gets lots of natural light. I wouldn't worry about the lighting – to get an outlet installed isn't a big deal, so paint it the colour you want it, don't compromise because of the details.

    What an exciting project! Good luck to you!


  2. OK, so I have some suggestions….. (from all my trial and errors when I was lucky enough to be a home-owner, can't wait to be one again!)

    When you do your kitchen tiles, be sure to buy lots of extra's. You said you hope to put in new cabinets and if you want to keep your tiles up after that you may need to replace any if you break them while removing the old cabinets. Or to fill in open spaces from removing the cabinets! Chances are your tiles wont be available any longer when it comes time to replace the cabinets. I love the vertical look btw ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dark colors are so pretty but make your house seem so small. I have gone dark a couple times and was always happier when I switched back to a lighter colour. But that being said, there are some “darker” colours that are not too dark. Go with what makes you happy! You can always accent with light curtains etc.

    In my old house I converted the basement into our livingroom. It had a concrete floor and we ended up putting carpet due to saving on the budget. If you do go with carpet be sure to get a good quality padding. Makes the carpet so much softer on the tootsies!! But, I would be more inclinded to do pergo or something similar. They also say you should put in a sub-floor when flooring your basement because the concrete absorbs moisture which will seep into the flooring you put in. Subfloor stops that from happening (stopping mold).

    And last suggestion from me (for right now I imagine!!! can't promise no more in the future!! hehe) is a colour for the master. Our last townhouse had the master painted when we moved in. It was a green shade. I called it a “martha stewart green”. It was very natural, earthy like. Loved it. Made it easy to accent the rest of the room.

    Have a blast with the decorations, there is nothing more rewarding and fun then decorating the home you own!

    And I don't mind painting, so when the time comes, give me a call!


  3. Thanks for the suggestions, guys! I was thinking about green in the bedroom…there's a commercial right now, I think it's for Disney cruises or something, but it shows the family in the upstairs and the dad looks in the crawlspace or something (I sound like a crazy person right now) but the colour of the walls is sooo pretty! It's kind of like the green here on the blog, but greener…


  4. Oooooh! Crown moulding!! I like those tiles, I have never seen them laid vertically. I love the new glass tiles they have available. There is a lot of great light in your new house, too. All the rooms are good sized, too. If you slap on some new hardware on your cabinets, they'll look updated as well. I love it! So exciting! Apparently, blue is a color that makes people least likely to eat, so they say avoid painting the dining room that color. Or, hell, in my case – that'd be a good thing ๐Ÿ˜€


  5. I love the vertical tiles! Tile backsplashes are so nice, that's one of the DIY projects I can't wait to have a house for. I would love to come help you and your mom so I can get lessons. I also like the idea of bringing them around the corner to the doorframe.

    Joan's idea of putting new hardware on the cabinets is a great suggestion, seeing as custom kitchen cupboards will cost you thousands of dollars.

    And for the master bedroom… are you getting a new bedding set? You might want to have a few choices for that picked out before you choose your colour. I find nice bedding is harder to find than a nice paint colour.

    A nice tall standing lamp (perhaps with an angled shade or multiple heads) would bring more light into the living room without you having to install a ceiling fixture.

    You should definitely consider installing a proper subfloor before any other flooring in the basement. You'll be happy you did in the long run.


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