Mid-century modern dreaming…

So, now that the wedding is over and done with, I’m officially throwing myself into house hunting, much to Jagger’s chagrin. Just in the last couple of weeks I’ve really felt fed up with the apartment, and really need to get going on moving on. The apartment is just closing in on me and I keep knocking things over and tripping over things, it’s just time to move on.

Our apartment is small, I know that. We’ve always known that, that was the whole point of the apartment. We decided to get something small and cheap so we would be forced to move on before we got too complacent. This April will be our third anniversary in our tiny little home. I do love our apartment, but enough is enough. Time to move!

Once we get through the holidays, we’re going to talk to the bank and get the ball rolling. I’m currently obsessed with checking out houses on MLS (who isn’t?) and looking for lovely interesting bits of furniture on kijiji.

I’ve become obsessed with finding midcentury modern pieces for our future dream home…I’ve been watching too much Mad Men, I think.

See the pretty? I would love to have fantastic pieces like this for all my storage…
The problem is, as usual I don’t want to spend money on it. Hence, the following conversation last night…
Jagger – “What are you doing?”
Me – “Looking on kijiji.”
Jagger – “Oh no, for what?”
Me – “I’m looking for vintage midcentury modern teak furniture. I’ve decided that that’s how we should decorate our hypothetical house.”
Jagger – “Oh, sure.”
Me – “People know how much it’s worth though. I want to find a bunch of cool pieces for crazy cheap from someone who just thinks they’re junk.”
Jagger – “So you want to rip someone off?”
Me – “Well, I guess. But nicely. I think it’s going to be my project for the summer, scouring yard sales and junk shops for pieces.”
Jagger – “Great.”
I really don’t think he shares my enthusiasm. I’m really hoping to stumble across some fantastic yard sale where some little old lady is selling all her old furniture and it’s just fantastic stuff that she wants to get rid of for like a dollar or something, that would be a dream. Why don’t people have yard sales like that? Why is it always people selling half used candles and furniture made out of dusty old wicker? I think TV has let me down on this, people on TV always find cool stuff at yard sales.


5 thoughts on “Mid-century modern dreaming…

  1. I bet it would't be TOOO hard to make a fantastic piece like that. It's mostly just shelving with cool brackets, the only hard part would be the doors on the front but you could probably have a lot of fun finding different material to make / decorate them with


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