This is what will break us…

Less than two months into my marriage, it seems we have encountered a situation so difficult and consuming that it just might spell the end for us…

That’s right. New Super Mario Bros. Wii. We got it on Sunday and have since spent a significant amount of time playing it. Sunday’s playing time went well, we had fun and got frustrated, but nothing serious. Then last night we played it for a good three hours.
There was yelling.
There was cursing.
There was frustration and almost tears.
Somehow, we managed to make it to World 6. How we’ll survive to the end of World 8 is beyond me. Bowser just might have us beat. The problem with the game is also what makes it fun – you can play together, which can be great, but not so great when someone keeps making the same mistake that ends up killing someone else. You can see where this would get dicey.
The game is super fun, and a real challenge. I’d say it’s harder than Super Mario Galaxy (except for the swimming…stupid swimming worlds are keeping me from beating the game!).
I just read online that there’s a secret World 9…yikes, we’re not going to make it.


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