Essential Music Service

Continuing with my series on vendors, today I wanted to highlight Scott, our amazing DJ.

There he is, hard at work!
Scott is someone I work with who also has his own DJ service. I talked to him about hiring him straight away and he was so open and easy to talk to, he made my decision easy. He showed me all kinds of references, but was sure to tell me he didn’t care if I hired him or not, that I could always ask him his opinion about any other DJs or ask him any questions I had. Of course, I wanted to hire someone I knew, so we went with Scott.
Scott was amazing to work with. We had a meeting before things got rolling with the wedding to tell him what we were looking for and to talk about specific songs. He was so easy to get along with and was more than happy to play whatever we wanted. He took suggestions in stride and knew all the right questions to ask. The result? We ended up with an awesome party with great music, a 90s dance party, just like I wanted!
Seriously, if you’re looking for a DJ who is completely professional, knows what he’s doing and aims to please, give Scott a call!


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