Guest Book Time Capsule

Hey there! As promised, here’s the guest book time capsule I made. It’s a super easy craft, and I’m really excited about it for the wedding. I got the idea from the book DIY Bride, you can check out their blog here.

The basic idea is that you have different coloured cards that say “In One Year…” “In Five Years…” “In Ten Years…” “In Twenty-Five Years…” or whatever years you want. I’ve made a sign to explain to people that we want them to write a prediction or an anniversary wish for us, then on that anniversary, we’ll read the corresponding cards. Super simple craft, all you need to do is print out the cards and trim the to size. For a capsule, I found a wine box from Jysk. It was only $9.99 and I think it looks cool and old-timey. I hope people play along with it and enjoy the idea! I think it would work for a birthday party too, especially for a milestone birthday or something.
Anyway, here’s some pictures!
Here’s the time capsule when it’s open…

And when it’s closed… Like I said, it’s supposed to be some fancy wine box, but I like that it latches closed, I think it works well as a time capsule.

Here’s my multicoloured cards…on my multicoloured coffee table…

And the whole thing all together! A super easy craft that hopefully will go over really well. I’m so excited to see what people write!

Thanks for stopping by – there will be more posts on crafts soon – I’ve been working on a basket for my 7 year old sister to carry, and you know I couldn’t just buy one – gotta craft!


6 thoughts on “Guest Book Time Capsule

  1. Cool! It does look all old timey and fancy! God love ya, there isn't a chance in hell that those cards would make it more than a week going unread if they were mine. How will you be able to stand it!? Were you, as a child, one of those kids who could make their candy last until February? I was the kid who went blind and slipped into a mini coma every Halloween night.


  2. Well, we'll see how long I last before I read those cards! I tend to have very little willpower, especially when presents are involved. My better half is much better at it, so he might keep me in line!


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