Wedding Envy: Take 2

Well, it’s 17 days to go. I have some plans for the blog leading up to the wedding – I have pictures to post of my crafts as they get completed, and I want to feature some of the awesome vendors that I’ve worked with along the way, so heads up for those.

In other wedding news, we had the chance to go to another wedding on the weekend for some good friends of ours. The wedding ceremony was at the Country Wedding Gardens in Erin, ON. It was a really nice, secluded spot, perfect for the small ceremony.
Here’s the tree where they were married:
Isn’t that the most awesome tree ever? I thought so. The ceremony was very intimate, only about 20 people there. I was so proud of the two of them for being able to pull off a very personal wedding. I found it far to easy to fold to peer (ahem, family) pressure and invite all kinds of people, so kudos to them.

The lovely couple on their way down the aisle…

Homemade chocolates from the mother of the groom…

Chocolate roses in the centrepiece – also made by the mother of the groom…

And of course our dinners! The reception was held at Ali Baba’s Steakhouse in Waterloo, ON and it was just fantastic. I really cannot say enough about the meal and the service. The bartenders did absolutely everything they could for us, even running across the street to the LCBO to get a bottle of Jagermeister when Jagger wanted to buy the wedding party shots of Jager (Jager from Jagger is a tradition).
Here’s our meals, I had salmon and Jagger had the steak. It was so awesome. I can’t get over the amazingness of those green beans…

It was such a sincere, beautiful wedding. I’ve never seen a happier groom, he just couldn’t stop smiling. Now that their wedding is over with, I’m getting more excited about ours. I’ll post more this week about crafts (I finished our time capsule guest book last night!) and about my vendors.
Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Wedding Envy: Take 2

  1. Aiiyee! The wedding is so soon! It's so exciting! How are you holding up? Overwhelmed, calm, crazy? How many guests are attending? Are you guys taking a Honeymoon now or later? And most importantly, what is that thing on top of the steak in that picture? If you say cheese, I'll die from the wonderfulness of it.


  2. Even better than cheese – shallot butter! It was so crazy good…I must return to the restaurant! The wedding is crazy soon, but I'm feeling good. Lots of crafts to finish up, but other than that, things are good. I'll be glad when I'm done work next week though! We're looking at about 160 guests, which seems like so so freaking many! We're going on a honeymoon right after to New Hampshire for a week, I'm really looking forward to the vacation!


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