Two little jerks.

I haven’t talked about my cats yet, which is shocking, because I feel like all I do sometimes is talk about the stupid cats. Jagger and I have two cats, they’re brother and sister. They’re just over 2 years old now and are so frustrating sometimes. Here’s Gibson…
A.K.A. Gibby Goo, Goober, Goober Gus, Goobix Cube, Goodini, Gooseph, Goobert, Goo, Gib, Gibber, Gibby, Goobergus Maximus, Goos…
He’s a jerk. He likes to try to wake us up at like 4:00 in the morning, because he thinks he needs to eat. His favourite way to try to wake me up is by knocking everything off of my nightstand, then tapping me on the face until I wake up. He’s incredibly restless, never likes to stay in one place. He also has a fondness for shoes and a purple ball. He also loves this cape, look how handsome he thinks he is.
This is Fender…

A.K.A. Fender Lou, Fendi, Fendi Lou, Lou Who, Lous, Fenderella Louisiana, Lou, Fenderella Ella Ella Eh Eh Eh.

She’s in love with Jagger. Like, more than a friend. She talks to him all day long and just lives for his attention. She’s obviously not quite as active as Gibson, so she’s usually busy spooning Jagger while Gibson is trying desperately to wake me up in the morning.

They’re idiots and they shed everywhere, but what can you do. The cats own us now, it’s out of our hands.


6 thoughts on “Two little jerks.

  1. One of the things we're looking forward to is getting some cats once Amanda and I are settled in the new apartment. We have already been checking the local shelter online. I am very big into the pathetic cats, the more pathetic the better — a one-eyed, three-legged cat would be perfect for our new house!


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