Me blogging?

Hello all. So I’ve had this blogger account for some time now, mainly to follow other people’s blogs. I’ve been resisting the urge to blog because I always figure, “Who wants to read what I have to say?” Then I took a look at how many blogs I check every single day. Well, if I want to read random things that other people like to post, why shouldn’t other people like to read what I like to post?
So how does one start? Do I explain who I am? I’m going to assume that if someone is actually reading this, they probably know me already and don’t need the, “25 interesting things about me” sort of post. Instead, I’ll go with what I’ve been up to lately.
So I’m getting married in some 67 days and I’ve really been taking the DIY approach to things. Over the weekend, I finally finally got done with the invitations and I’m really happy with how they turned out. Check it.
This is the outside of the invite, then you open it up and you see…
Voila, lovely pockets and reply cards and maps. I’ve been working on these stupid invites since like April, so I’m thrilled to dump them all in the mail today and be done with them. Of course, being the crazy person that I am, I already have many other wedding crafts lined up. I made my cake topper on the weekend, but haven’t taken a picture of it yet, I can post it later (it’s pretty killer though, I must admit!) And I’m thinking about making a headpiece, but that might be stretching it, we’ll see.
I can’t think of what else I might want to post for now, but let me know if you’ve read this and what you might want to read about. I’m going to see Funny People tonight, so maybe I’ll say how it was tomorrow, or about how I’m going to see Tool tomorrow (!).
Anyway, back to work!

5 thoughts on “Me blogging?

  1. Hey, welcome to the blogosphere. Good to have you aboard! Let me ask you a question I asked my wife last year in the lead-up to our nuptials: What's the deal with invites? Why do brides-to-be kill themselves to get the perfect invite? Is it a chick thing? Because most guys I know just toss the invite out once the wedding is over.


  2. Those are beautiful Ashley!! And maybe lots of ppl do toss them out but lots of other ppl put them in their scrap books with the pictures…or at least keep them for when they retire and have time to put together a scrapbook :)-


  3. I keep all of my invites, but I also keep birthday cards, post cards, etc. I'm a pack rat like that. And Dan, all the wedding brain washing materials tell you that the invitation is everyon's introduction to your wedding, it sets the tone for the whole event, so they really brainwash you into thinking that they need to be amazing. In a way, I agree, it's your chance to let people know what they should expect, but in other ways, it seems like a silly waste. These invitations didn't cost much, but I put the work into them, so I think they have a nice impact still! (But I wished I had figured out the postage before I made them!)


  4. Very interesting. I never thought of the invites being a preview of what to expect at the wedding, but you're right. But guys thinks differently. You know what men take as a preview? The person you're marrying. i.e. “Oh, he's marrying Amanda? That's going to be an awesome wedding for sure.”


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