The Closet 2017

First – some background.  I used to do this post every year, but fell off the wagon last year.  Basically, it’s crazy time consuming to put together and I just didn’t get to it.  For anyone who is new to the blog – this is my entire wardrobe.  I started doing a blog post about it mostly to hold myself accountable and really take a close look at what clothes I have and what I actually wear and need.  I’ve been invited to a couple of clothes swap parties lately so it inspired me to do another post.  I feel like I have a fairly small wardrobe, but I’m sure there are people with smaller wardrobes and definitely people with larger ones.  That’s all okay!  I’m not a minimalist – I just overshare on the internet.

So, here’s what lurks in my closet.

5 pairs of jeans

I need new black jeggings – that pair second from the right are actually really dark blue, not black.  The pair on the far right are snugger than I’d care to admit – although when I look at this picture I think it might be because the waistband is much more narrow than the other pairs so maybe that’s my problem.  Let’s blame it on the jeans.

8 Skirts

Not a big pants person!  I’ve actually being waffling on getting rid of some of these skirts but I’m not quite ready to let them go yet.

4 pairs of shorts (3 summer, 1 winter)

I love me some winter shorts.  I hate summer shorts.  Two of those pairs I impulse bought before we went to Huntsville last month.  They were just on clearance for like $6 each.

4 pairs of yoga pants, 1 pair of jogging pants

Four pairs of yoga pants seems a little excessive to me, but one pair is leggings (gotta get them in those boots in the winter!) one pair are capris and two pairs are actual full-length pants.  Also these pictures are so terrible because Dustin was actually sleeping in the bed while I was doing this so I was trying not to make a huge production of it.

3 Vests

 I really love that long sleeveless blazer deal.  It’s from Banana Republic and I got it for like $20 at the factory store.  I can’t quite get the hang of wearing it though.  I don’t think I have the shoulders for it.

4 Blazers

I love a good blazer.

8 Cardigans

I really need to upgrade some of those cardigans.  Basically, I wear a cardigan every day in the cooler weather so black and grey are my go-to.

4 zip-up hoodies

Basically casual cardigans.

3 Pullover hoodies

Pro-tip – if hoodies make you feel claustrophobic like they do me, try cutting a slit at the neck of the hood to open it up a bit more – it makes a world of difference.

Box o’ Tights

You may have noticed that I have no work pants, so tights are a necessity for me.  I didn’t actually count them, because I was getting pretty lazy at this point, but I do know that I have two pairs of black tights with grey polka dots, one pair of burgundy polka dot tights, and probably five pairs of solid black tights.  They are all super cheap from Joe Fresh, I like to stock up when they’re on clearance.

The island of misfit tops.

These are the tanks that I don’t really consider actual clothes.  You’ve got random shirts that I’ve made for events, shirts that go under other shirts, and tank tops that are just whatever.

4 Belts

2 Long-sleeved shirts

Sleeves are for suckers.

21 Tank Tops

I love a tank top.  They’re so versatile!  You wear them all summer so you’re not stuck with the dreaded farmer’s tan, then in the fall and winter you just throw on a cardigan!  I prefer ones with interesting designs or from small, cool companies, but I have the basics down there too.

These are the basic scoop neck, rounded hem tanks that will go with virtually anything.

4 Button-down shirts

Need more plaid.

19 T-shirts

Clearly I’m not a fan of a plain t-shirt.  Oh, and if things look like crop tops it’s just because I folded it to fit in the picture better.

3 winter-ish jackets

My poor leather jacket needs a repair to a sleeve and the green jacket needs a good cleaning.

3 light jackets

The denim jacket and khaki jacket are crazy versatile – love them both.  The one on the right is a rain jacket with mysterious yellow stains on it, probably from mustard.

2 pairs of sandals

On the left are cheap ones for yard work and when I feel lazy, on the right are my everyday sandals.  I like them to be just fancy enough for work.

2 pairs of running shoes

Old ones for cutting the grass, new ones for “working out”.

1 pair of winter boots

They’re Sorels and I love them.

3 pairs of other boots

If they can go with dresses and jeans, they work for me.

5 pairs of casual running shoes.

Yes, I need 4 pairs of Converse.  And if you have fewer than two pairs of plaid shoes who are you even really?

2 pairs of heels

The black shoes are Seychelles and they were the most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever bought (which still isn’t a lot) but they were worth every penny.

The dresses!  I live in dresses.  They’re socially-acceptable pajamas, basically.

5 maxi dresses

The one on the far right is really faded and I should probably get rid of it.  The one on the left is beautiful but I can’t wear a bra with it and it makes me feel really self-conscious.

17 dresses of other lengths

Nothing super fancy – and there’s actually a couple that aren’t fitting great right now (damn you, zippers!) but I love dresses.

That’s it, that’s all I’ve got!  Beyond pajamas (basically ratty old capri yoga pants and t-shirts) and unmentionables, which are remaining unmentionable.  Not a whole lot there anyway – just enough to get me through until I do laundry again!

ETA – somehow I missed my flats! 

3 Pairs of smelly old flats


A Night Out With Ashlie

It’s been awhile since I’ve done this.  Here’s a story of me having an embarrassing, event-filled evening just because I’m a magnet for trouble sometimes.

It was a lovely July Saturday.  The day started out with doing my duty and giving in to those radio ads about the blood shortage.  I went for a late morning appointment to donate blood, and managed to do so successfully as other people fainted around me.  I should have seen the foreshadowing.

I followed that up with lunch and a visit with Jenn.  Shirts were purchased, dumplings were eaten, antiques were browsed.  After that, I headed home for a quiet afternoon at home before heading back to London for an evening of fun.

Dinner was in my happy place – on a patio having a beer and some half priced apps.  The plan was to get to the concert venue around 10:30 or 11:00 p.m. so we were in no rush.  We walked to the London Music Hall, got our drinks and found a temporary spot while the opener was finishing up.

I, in my infinite wisdom, was standing just underneath the balcony section.  At one point I glanced up and saw people leaning against the rail with drinks in their hands and pondered how easily it would be to throw a drink on someone on the lower level.  Once again, I should have seen the foreshadowing.

Next thing I know, there’s a drink splashing up into my face.  One of those drinks from the balcony had fallen and went directly into my boobs.  It fell with such force that it splashed me and my friend next to me.  It was sticky, and I had probably half a Palm Bay now residing in my cleavage, but I was okay.  It was funny, you get drinks spilled on you at clubs, I’ll survive.

The headliners, the inimitable Redman and Method Man, were about to hit the stage so we pressed closer to our usual spot and met up with Jenn and her crew.  The show starts and it’s amazing – they are putting on such a high-energy show, I can’t even believe how lucky we are.  I’m bopping along, mildly annoyed at how often people are walking around and going to get drinks or go smoke or whatever.  But I deal, the girl behind me hates me and is constantly shoving me, but I’m not going to let that ruin my night.  It’s hot in there and the crush of people is making me sweat like crazy.  I get another drink spilled on my legs, completing my ensemble.

Then, as another couple shove by us, my poor little toes in their open-toed sandals get a rude visit from the heel of the woman pushing by me.  My toe explodes in pain and I reflexively shove the girl off my foot.  She glares at me, but keeps moving.

Now here I am, my anxiety-fueled brain saying “Your toe is broken, your toe is broken, your toe is broken.”  The thought of broken bones makes me feel faint on the best of days.  On a day when I’ve donated blood and then sweated profusely for 45 minutes to an hour?  It was enough to send me over the edge.

I feel faint at concerts and in bars fairly regularly.  Standing for too long + crowds of people + heat = lightheaded Ashlie.  Usually I can sneak off and having a little breather in the bathroom (seriously, who else enjoys the peace of a bathroom stall?) then can return with some ice water and finish out the night.  So, being the super smart, not at all stubborn person that I am, I tell Dustin that I’ll be right back and figure I’ll go for a breather.  I don’t even make it halfway to the bathroom before I’m on the floor.

I wake up wrapped around a barstool on the floor with hands lifting me up.  I’m instantly embarrassed, but I know I’m getting lifted up way too quickly.  They turn me around and point try to get me towards the side exit, but I’m on the floor again.

Round two – security gets me back on my feet and gets me outside.  I’m handed bottles of sweet, delicious ice cold water and sit outside on a milk crate.  The security from the club were all super helpful and assured me that I was only out for a second and just to take my time and relax.  I impress upon security that I’m not just some sloppy drunk, I donated blood earlier in the day and it probably wasn’t a great idea.  I’m supposed to be the designated driver, not the one on the floor.  Apparently I’m not looking great at this point since they’re not keen on my idea to go back in and just sit at the back bar until I regain my composure.

I text Dustin to let him know what happened, but that I’m okay.  He of course freaks out and comes to find me.  In the meantime, a drunk gentleman sits on the ground beside me and tells me I’m pretty, which is of little comfort.

After a couple of bottles of water, security clears me to go back in, especially now that I have Dustin with me.  We head back in for the end of the set, but I find myself a nice little corner to sit in.  I’m still having terrible cold sweats and my foot hurts almost as much as my ego.

As the show wraps up, we decide to meet our crew at a nearby bar so I can sit and have something to eat and drink and regain my composure so we can figure out if I’ll be able to drive home that night or not.

Poutine helped some, ginger ale helped more.  I managed to get my head off of the table and started to feel more like myself.  When the crew decided to head to another club for a funk night, I figured it would at least be good to go for a walk, get some fresh air, and spend a little more time deciding if I was okay to drive.

The night air felt cool and refreshing, and I was feeling okay about heading to another location.  That’s about when I tripped over my own feet or a curb or something and crashed into my friend Hank.  Yup, definitely broke a toe that time.

By the time we got to the fourth bar of the evening, I was feeling better.  Still not myself – but I was enjoying standing quietly and hanging out with my best friend, the wall.  Some more ice water and I was feeling well enough that I just wanted to get home.  The lights came on in the bar, we walked back to the car and gave our friends a ride home before heading back to Strathroy ourselves.

At about 3:00 a.m., I finally got to crawl into bed with my banged up knee, busted toes, sore wrist, and sticky skin.  Somehow it had still managed to be a great night.

You’d better believe I spent today relaxing on the couch though.

Idle Hands

I don’t do very well with sitting still.  I’m a multi-tasker.  If I’m watching TV I’m probably also scrolling on my phone during the show and reading a book on the commercials or something.  It just makes me feel better to keep my hands busy, like I’m not really wasting time by sitting around and rewatching Community for the fifth time.  Fidget toys are huge right now (and as much as you want to make fun of them, they are actually kind of cool to play with) and I guess that’s really what I’m doing, fidgeting.  In any event, I thought I would share my favourite ways to keep my hands busy in case you’re like me and need a project all the time!

Drawer o’ puzzles

  • Lately I’ve gotten pretty into building Lego, especially the Brickheadz figures.  They’re pretty cheap (Brickheads are around $12) and they look super cute.  I also really like the Nanoblocks sets.  Just gives me something easy to work on!
  • Metal Earth models are a little trickier and more frustrating, but it’s the same kind of deal as Lego.  I’ve only done one of these models and have another one waiting for me.
  • The ever-popular jigsaw puzzle works too!  That link is to the one I’m working on now.  Puzzles are a little harder if you have three cats checking out what you’re doing though.
  • I used to really enjoy knitting while I watch TV, but haven’t done much in the last few years.  It’s a good way to keep your hands busy, but I find I have to look at the pattern so much and keep such close tabs on my K1P1s that I can’t follow anything on TV.
  • Here’s the thing, if you haven’t already figured it out, I’m basically a child.  I can’t draw, but I do like to doodle.  There’s nothing more satisfying than sitting with a blank notebook and a pile of Sharpies and just doodling patterns and lines.
  • The colouring book thing is huge!  I have a couple, but colouring sometimes stresses me out more than relaxes me.
  • I have a pile of patches that need to be sewn onto things but I can never decide where to put them.  Sitting and working on simple handsewing can be so relaxing though, even if I’m just fixing Vivian’s beloved blanket for the hundredth time.
  • Dude, try and actual fidget toy before you knock them.  The spinners are surprisingly relaxing to play with, and I love a good fidget cube.
  • I recently ordered this book of logic puzzles and it seems pretty cool.  I love a good word puzzle, and this book comes with lots of charts to keep track of the information.  Lets me still feel smart while I’m watching something dumb.
  • Basically anything that is small and buildable is my jam lately.  I’ve done a bunch of these wooden dinosaurs and have this book of paper models waiting for me too.

Those are my favourites – my fingertips are actually killing me today from too much patch sewing last night.



Turning down the radio

I drive a lot.  Around 100 kilometers a day.  I commute to London for work, and am often driving somewhere on the weekends.  I don’t mind it, I like driving.  My routine used to be that I would listen to the radio in the morning for my news and weather and traffic, then listen to CDs in the afternoon for my drive home.  Lately though it’s been all podcasts all the time.  I love podcasts – I’ve written about them before.  They’re informative and entertaining and comforting.  There are, however, still some times when I listen to the radio.  On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, Dustin is with me for the drive to London.  Since it isn’t always fair for someone to jump in to the middle of a podcast, we listen to the radio.  Usually we chat anyway and barely listen, but at some point something about the morning show sends Dustin on a rant, but this morning it was my rant.

Here’s the set-up – they were talking about bribing kids to get them to do things.  I’m no stranger to the topic, I bribe Vivian constantly.  So the one morning show host starts talking about how her father has offered her $1000 for her to take in the family cat and she was considering it.  CONSIDERING taking $1000 to take care of her own cat.  I couldn’t believe it.  They were asking for people to weigh in on the issue, as radio shows do.  “text us and let us know if she should take the cat!”  I know it’s all in fun and they have time to fill, but I was pretty flabbergasted.  So I decided to send a text and said that it was the most unrelatable and spoiled thing I had ever heard.  If I were in the same situation my parents would probably say I could either take the cat or it would be put down.

The response I received from the radio station was “It’s a joke…lol.  Radio content!”

Is it?  Is that what they do?  Just make dumb things up to make you dislike the radio personalities and then encourage you to weigh in on it and then they tell you that none of it is real anyway?  I texted back “Sure it is” and received a “haha k ” back.

I dunno, maybe I’m taking it too seriously but it really soured me on listening to the radio.  No wonder it’s a dying medium if they’re so desperate for topics that they just wildly make things up.  Back to podcasts for me – at least you know when you’re listening to a fiction podcast.

In Defence of Distracted Parents

Every now and then I come across one of those viral posts.  You know the ones – “Parents, put down your phones and watch your kids in the park!  They want your undivided attention, these are the moments you can’t ever get back!”

I’m sorry, but no.

See, the other day I went to the park with Vivian.  We’re lucky and have a great park really close to our house, so we walk there often.  She didn’t want to ride her bike, so we walked there.  Or rather, she ran ahead and waited for me to catch up.  When we got to the park, she ran off to play while I parked myself on a nice bench and pulled out my book to read.  I don’t go to the park to watch my kid.  I go so she can run and get out some energy while I enjoy a little quiet time.  It’s good for her to learn how to play on her own.  It’s good for her to learn that things don’t always revolve around her.  It’s good for her to socialize with other kids.  It’s good for her to realize that I’m allowed to sit and read.  Do I look up if she says, “Mommy, watch this!”?  Of course I do.  Do I look up periodically to make sure she hasn’t disappeared – sure.  But for the most part, I’m of the mind that the park is for kids to play, not adults.

So I’m sure I look lazy sitting there ignoring my kid, checking my phone or reading a book.  Sure I look neglectful and distracted.  But I’m still there.  And I’m teaching her that adults deserve a break, just like she does when she wants to be left alone.  She doesn’t need me to follow her around and gaze adoringly while she goes down the slide.

Sometimes it’s okay to ignore your kids, just a little bit.

The Keanu Retrospective, aka The Cool Breeze Film Festival

Remember how I posted that I had about 200 movies I was wanting to work through this year?  One of my better ideas, to be sure.  Well just for funsies, and because I’m crazy, I’ve come up with another movie viewing project.

You see, I like having a theme to movie nights.  I watch a lot of movies at home, and Dustin and I like to have a theme or a general feel for the movies we watch.  It can be fun to think of movies that would pair well together and I keep a running list of these pairs.  Our grandest idea though?  The Keanu Retrospective, aka The Cool Breeze Film Festival.

This is too good not to share.:

This is the single greatest picture of Keanu that I’ve ever seen.  Enjoy.

Who doesn’t love Keanu Reeves?  The man is a damn treasure.  After seeing John Wick: Chapter 2, we talked about how it would be fun to work our way through the Keanu Reeves catalog, hitting the high points and watching his progression from goofy stoner to badass assassin.

What does the Cool Breeze Film Festival look like?  Something like this…

  • Youngblood
  • Dangerous Liaisons
  • Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
  • Parenthood
  • Point Break
  • Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey
  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula
  • Little Buddha
  • Speed
  • Johnny Mnemonic
  • Feeling Minnesota
  • The Devil’s Advocate
  • The Matrix
  • The Gift
  • The Matrix Reloaded
  • Something’s Gotta Give
  • Constantine
  • A Scanner Darkly
  • Street Kings
  • Man of Tai Chi
  • 47 Ronin
  • The Bad Batch

Yes, we’re skipping John Wick, John Wick Chapter 2, Neon Demon, and Knock Knock because we’ve watched those fairly recently.  The hope is that we’ll be caught up by the time The Bad Batch gets its wide release.

So far, it’s been a lot of fun.  We’re getting to watch a lot of old movies we haven’t seen in ages, and have a few on the list that neither of us have seen before.  Plus, as I’ve said before, it can be so hard to decide what to watch sometimes, having a list to work from can make things a lot easier.

Hit me with your best movie night themes and pairings – I’ll do another post with the ideas I’ve got brewing right now!

Day to Night

I have long been an ardent supporter of the morning shower.  I’m not a morning person, so what better way to drag yourself into the day than by spending some time in a warm, steamy cocoon in the shower?  You get to start the day feeling all fresh and clean, it’s a real blank slate thing.  Plus, it’s way easier to do your hair.

Lately though, I’ve been stepping out on my morning routine.  I’ve been crossing over to the other side and trying the nighttime shower routine.  I gotta say, it’s kind of nice.  I can sleep in for an extra 15 minutes or so (which is incredibly important), and I get to rinse off the problems of the day and crawl into bed feeling all cozy and warm.  Sure it means wearing my hair in a ponytail the next day since it dries all funny, but it’s a nice alternative.

Can I make such an extreme change though?  Can I actually become a nighttime showerer?  It poses so many questions for my overthinking mind to obsess about.  Clothing, for example.  If I take a nighttime shower, then logic would dictate that I need to put on clean pajamas.  I don’t know about you guys, but my pjs generally get worn a few times before I deem them to be dirty.  But if I shower at night, do I need new pjs each night?  Can I put on clean underwear after my shower and still continue to wear it in the morning, or do I need to change underwear again?  Obviously, the easiest response is to not wear pajamas to bed, but I have a fear that there will be a fire and I’ll have to rush out of the house naked.  Because I’m logical and not at all irrational.

What does it say about me if I’m a nighttime showerer?  Wouldn’t my schedule get all thrown off if I doze off on the couch before taking a shower?  Then I have to shower the next morning AND the following evening to get back on schedule?  This problem is really far more complicated than people realize.

It seemed like such a grown-up thing, making the transition from being a nighttime showerer to daytime.  Little kids take their baths in the evening, but it takes a responsible adult to handle the time management of showering in the morning, right?

Clearly, more research is required.  Although I took a glorious, Top 10 Best Shower last night before bed, had an awesome sleep, and managed to wake up on time this morning so maybe there is something to this whole thing.

Some tips on thrifting for books

For a long time, I avoided the book section in thrift stores.  Whenever I go thrifting, I have a specific set of areas that I’ll explore but I always thought the book section was too time-consuming and overwhelming so I would avoid it.  Lately though, I’ve reconsidered and have had some serious luck thrifting books.  It definitely takes some digging and some practice, but there’s gold in dem dar shelves if you take the time to look!  So, against my better judgment, I’m sharing my best tips for making the book section manageable at your local thrift store.  Don’t take all the good finds on me!

  • First of all, I think it’s important to know what you’re looking for.  Are you a person who loves history books?  Adult fiction?  Steamy bodice-rippers?  Kids books?  I find it’s best to have a plan – divide and conquer.  For me, I am generally looking for modern books that I don’t feel like buying at full price, vintage books with interesting covers, vintage paranormal books, movie novelizations, and books I loved as a child.  This means I basically scour all the sections except for children’s board books, romance, spirituality/religion, and cooking.
  • Know your sections.  Things are not always what they seem – remember that in thrift stores the items are stocked by regular staff, so they may not always know where to put things.  I always make sure I check the “Vintage and collectibles” section or the “Classics” section.  Not only are there often some really interesting covers in there, but sometimes they put more modern authors like J.G. Ballard or random trade paperback books that don’t really fit in with the pocket sized paperbacks.
  • I like to look for movie novelizations, which can be all over the place.  Even if you’re not interested in science fiction, it’s good to give it a glance and see what’s hiding in there.
  • Always check the books that have been turned so the spine faces in.  I don’t know if people do this to hide books or just out of laziness, but sometimes the books have the spines facing in adding an element of mystery to the hunt.
  • The humour section can have some good memoirs of comedians in it, but I find it more likely to find them in the non-fiction or biography section.  The humour section is where bathroom books go to die.
  • Get your scan on!  I am typically not looking for a specific book, except in the kids section where I’m scouring for Encyclopedia Brown books.  Rather than spending too much time examining each book, I have gotten pretty good at just scanning along the rows and looking for certain key words.  I’m pretty good at recognizing books by font/colour, but I think it’s a skill you acquire.  Just scan back and forth so things aren’t so overwhelming.
  • Check things out.  Because I like to find books with interesting vintage covers, I tend to pull out anything with an older looking spine just to check it out.  Yes, I judge books by their covers.
  • Look all the way at the bottom – they usually put hardcovers towards the bottom to balance the weight, so that’s where you can come across really great first editions of things.
  • Make sure the section isn’t broken up – sometimes you think a section is done because you reached the bottom of the shelf, but it actually continues at the top.
  • Keep a list.  There are certain series that I collect, so I have the titles all written in a little notebook in my purse so I can check it quickly to avoid duplicates.
  • Make use of the deals – Talize and Value Village are buy 4 get the 5th free, so it’s always worth it to keep browsing!


Zip It

It’s not exactly a secret that kids have a lot of stuff.  And that stuff takes up a lot of room.  And all that room being cluttered up with kid stuff is enough to make you go insane.  Vivian is six now, so a lot of her toys are getting bigger and can go in her room, but there’s still piles of stuff in the living room too.  One of the things that makes me especially crazy are games and puzzles.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love a good puzzle.  But I find the kids games and puzzles often don’t justify the box they are packaged in.

Enter the Ziploc bag.  No, this isn’t sponsored by Ziploc, although I wish it was because a giant box of Ziploc bags being delivered to my door is basically a dream come true.

Ziploc bags are essential for organizing.  In fact, I think from now on all baby gifts I give will come with a box of the large Ziploc bags.  You can put everything in them – just not the baby itself.

Observe.  This basket holds 5 board games and 7 puzzles.

Once you take Candyland out of the box, you realize it’s really only a board and a couple of small pieces.  It really doesn’t necessitate a box for storage.  So I take it all out, and store it all in a Ziploc bag.  Bam.

Same goes for puzzles.  Why keep the box when you can cut off the image, and put it in a nice, flat Ziploc bag with all the pieces?

Now, instead of having a cupboard filled with boxes that are difficult to get out and take up too much space, I have one basket holding all the things.  That bin on the lower level has her Lego in it too – all organized into Ziploc bags.  Each set gets its own bag with the booklet – except for that one rogue booklet sitting on the shelf.  Also, that’s Meiko underneath the cabinet thing.

I’m telling you guys – art supplies, game pieces, Lego, flash cards, it can all be stored neatly in Ziploc bags.  And those super giant ones with the handles?  They’re the real stars – the last time I moved basically half my stuff was in those bad boys, and now Vivian’s out of season clothes get stored in them.

Ziplocs for life, yo.


I had lunch with Jenn today, something we haven’t done for far too long.  Things have been busy – she’s got a new job and I seem to be in court more and more, plus we both have social lives at some point.  Still, it was nice to meet up and have lunch, trying to catch up on all our goings-on and make plans for the coming weekend.

I’m still deep in the winter hermit mode so any social activity feels odd and unusual.  We talked about it before we parted ways – it’s hit that point in the winter where the holidays are far enough behind you and the spring is far enough ahead of you that it feels like all you do is hang out at home.  Like you start to feel wistful for a time when you had friends and plans.  I wouldn’t say I suffer from SAD, I’m just lazy and don’t like to be cold.  Everything is more difficult when it’s cold out, everything takes just a little more planning, and it’s just that much easier to bail on plans before you’ve even made them.

So, all that rambling is leading up to me dreaming of those warm summer nights when you can sit on a patio for hours.  We’re getting so close – so I thought I would remind us all of what’s waiting for us on the other side of this season.

  • Jeans and tank top weather, which is obviously the best weather.
  • Patios with pitchers of beer and half-priced appetizers.
  • Double features at the drive-in.
  • Wandering around downtown and running into people you know.
  • Festivals in the park – which is basically every weekend in London.
  • Evening walks with ice cream.
  • Road trips that don’t include the words “weather permitting”.
  • Reading outside.
  • Walking home from the bars in the dark.
  • Not caring how hot and sweaty you are at a concert.
  • Dresses without tights and boots.
  • Farmers markets, flea markets, any kind of market.
  • Getting those little jobs done around the outside of your house that make a big improvement.
  • Driving ranges and golf tournaments.

Generally, being outside, being active, being social.  All the things I’ve been avoiding doing as of late.